Decluttering my mind.

80% done with my pedagogical requirements (long exams and essay-checking + grade sheets).

40% finished with data collection for two majors: translation and historical documents dating back more than 300 years. No need to hop over the SIL Library for related literature.

60% done with ongoing online classes. Essays + quizzes = Verified Certificates!

35% prepared for one of the most gruelling weeks of my life. I don't think I'll be sleeping much soon though I need to (Colds and flu go away, don't come back another day. Ever.). Focus. Breathe. Focus. Read. Read. READ.

45% done with emailing clients. I'm grateful that my NY boss was cool enough to send moolah for a new MacBook Air. I guess he really liked my vibe and my transparency with the funds he wired. I'm just waiting until February is over. Also, I can't believe that in the span of time that we worked for him, he was able to sense that my sister and I are such a rare package and allowed us to work on another project. Can't wait to move out...

20% recruitment drive activated. Follow-ups. More "kulit" (haven't used this word in ages!).

30% done with preparations for my grandma's visit! I just need the phone/WiFi to be installed in her condo unit so we could telecommute there.

25% ready for Justin's visit. Weird that my concept-selling tactic (trying to sell him a condo unit some years back) just worked this year, when he finally convinced his boss that working in the tropics in December is a good idea. So yeah, that translates into a month of lazing around the southern island of Palawan. Will just help him with techie stuff, his visa extension and prolly tour him around the city.

95% helping out with the expenses at home, especially since Dad's been sick and had been undergoing physical therapy the past few weeks. 

90% working on forgiveness. I hope that when I finally reach 100%, I won't hurt anymore. 


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